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Are You Ready for the New Quality Management Standards?

AuditClub has aces who’ve made a career focusing on quality as the bedrock of our profession. Our unique approach focuses on continuous monitoring and consistent execution so you can improve quality while truly increasing profitability. Let us transform your system of quality management.

The New Standards

  • Apply to all firms that perform any engagement included in a firm’s accounting and audit practice
  • Increase firm leadership responsibilities and accountability, and improve firm governance
  • Introduce a risk-based approach focused on achieving quality objectives
  • Address technology, networks and the use of external service providers
  • Increase focus on the continual flow of information and appropriate communication, internally and externally
  • Promote proactive monitoring of quality management systems and timely and effective remediation of deficiencies
  • Clarify and strengthen requirements for a more robust engagement quality review
  • Enhance the engagement partner’s responsibility for audit engagement leadership and audit quality
  • Chris Vanover

    President & Senior Chief Auditor

    "The new standards are transformative for the accounting and auditing profession and a real mind shift and challenge for firms that are already overwhelmed and beyond capacity. Firms need both time and sufficient resources to comply with these quality management standards. AuditClub Compass is the strategic partner that can help firms complete a successful implementation with convenience and peace of mind.”

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    Meet AuditClub Compass: Your Quality Management Navigator.

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      So Much To Do, So Little Time

      Out with the old, in with the new. You likely already have a basic quality control system in place. But here comes the AICPA with its massive overhaul and the PCAOB right behind. Do you have the partner and director level resources available and dedicated to implementing these comprehensive new standards?

      Relax, We’ve Got You

      Join AuditClub and then subscribe to AuditClub Compass, our three-phase quality management journey. We’ll introduce you to your dedicated Chief Quality Leader, and they’ll get to know your firm through a risk-based and scalable approach to the new quality management standards.

      We’ll Transform Your System

      Do what you do best and give us the rest. Over the course of 12 milestones spread across 3 phases, AuditClub will provide you with a transformed and scaled quality management system to suit your firm's specific needs.

      Your Quality Management Journey

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      We’ll map out the journey for you, start to finish.

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      There’s strength in numbers. Our auditors-as-a-service model brings instant talent to fit your needs. Forget about investing time and effort to hire and train an unknown expensive partner, director, or manager or take a gamble on an unproven senior associate or staff. Your fractional chiefs bring extensive credentials, and your crew gives you a lifeline in a challenging talent market.

      You’ll get strategic insights, delivery, and execution in key areas that matter to your public accounting firm or internal audit department.

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      Arpit Padhiar

      We used EQR services of AuditClub for PCAOB audit engagements. Chris and Brian have been phenomenal in providing timely advise and right guidance encompassing learning throughout the process. Happy to continue working with them. High recommend exploring their services. Kudos!


      Join Us. Together Accounting and Auditing Will Just Be Better.

      Become an AuditClub member and get the fractional solutions you need to grow your CPA firm or company. The transformative change you want starts right here.

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