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Careers at Audit Club

Whether you’re an audit partner who mandatorily retired too young, a former public accountant turned stay-at-home parent seeking real flexibility, or even a current audit manager or senior associate dreaming of your next public accounting career move—we’re actively recruiting skilled auditors who love what they do, but just not how they do it.

We’re On a Mission

We’ve been in your shoes. The 60+ hour work weeks. The never-ending busy season. The marathon path to partner. Burning the midnight oil and then just burning out. There’s a better way, and our mission is to empower public accountants to define how and when they work and for whom they work.

Career Trajectories

Join AuditClub & You’ll Find…

  • Creative, competitive, and transparent compensation, rewards, and financial benefits
  • Public accounting’s first year-round 4-day workweek
  • Generous PTO, holidays, disconnect days, along with summer and winter breaks
  • Flexible and remote work arrangements across the United States
  • Professional coaching from former partners, directors, and college educators
  • Real-time teaming and performance feedback
  • Challenging and exciting development opportunities
  • Accelerated advancement and an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Friendly culture of change and diversity

Who We Are

We're a company founded and led by former audit partners with a unique and valuable mix of Big 4, regional, and local firm experience. Our seasoned Chief Auditors and Crew bring their professional experience to our CPA firm and company members, helping each of them succeed through better focus, better quality, and better results.

Meet Our Team

Join Us. Together Accounting and Auditing Will Just Be Better.

Become an AuditClub member and get the fractional solutions you need to grow your CPA firm or company. The transformative change you want starts right here.

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