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How AuditClub Works

We focus on auditing and assurance solutions so you can focus on your business and help it grow—it’s that simple. Our accounting-on-demand services for auditing can be the difference between drowning in work or having the time to focus on success.

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The Process: What Our Accounting & Auditing Services Company Can Do For You


Relax, We’ve Got You

You have a lot on your plate…

  • Workpaper after workpaper
  • Staying on top of accounting, audit and assurance standards
  • Monitoring and strengthening quality control
  • Surviving an AICPA peer review, PCAOB inspection, or regulatory oversight
  • Taming turnover
  • Keeping up with training

So much stuff, so little time! Take a deep breath. AuditClub can help.


Get Your Access Pass

Join AuditClub and subscribe to one or more of our innovative access passes. We’ll introduce you to your dedicated fractional chief or crew, who will get to know your organization, show you how AuditClub can help, and determine how you can leverage our expertise within our flexible support model.


Give Us Your Stuff

Do what you do best and give us the rest. We’ll take care of it with better focus and better quality. Whether it’s support for audit and assurance, quality management, regulatory matters, or training and transformation, we’re proud to be that one-stop shop to help you get stuff done.


Save Time & Money

You gave us the stuff, and we gave you the time. Your partners and people now have the freedom to chart a new course that focuses on your customer experience, building relationships, and capitalizing on profitable pursuits. How’s that for the time value of money?

Arpit Padhiar

We used EQR services of AuditClub for PCAOB audit engagements. Chris and Brian have been phenomenal in providing timely advise and right guidance encompassing learning throughout the process. Happy to continue working with them. High recommend exploring their services. Kudos!

Welcome to the Club

There’s strength in numbers. Our auditors-as-a-service model brings instant talent to fit your needs. Forget about investing time and effort to hire and train an unknown expensive partner, director, or manager or take a gamble on an unproven senior associate or staff. Your fractional chiefs bring extensive credentials, and your crew gives you a lifeline in a challenging talent market.

You’ll get strategic insights, delivery, and execution in key areas that matter to your public accounting firm or internal audit department.

  • Collaborative Consumption
  • Deep Expertise
  • Instant Talent
  • Thought Leadership
  • Convenient & Concierge Access
  • Affiliate Discounts
  • Fractional Flexibility
  • Automated Access
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Join Us. Together Accounting and Auditing Will Just Be Better.

Become an AuditClub member and get the fractional solutions you need to grow your CPA firm or company. The transformative change you want starts right here.

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