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We're a company founded and led by former audit partners with a unique and valuable mix of Big 4, regional, and local firm experience. Our seasoned Chief Auditors and exceptional Crew bring extensive professional experience to our CPA firm members and companies, helping each of them succeed through better focus, better quality, and better results.

Our Mission

AuditClub is backed by a licensed accountancy corporation based in the United States and registered with the PCAOB. We’re a team of audit professionals with deep expertise on a mission to improve accounting and auditing.

What Sets Us Apart

Extensive Expertise

Our AuditClub Chiefs and Crew have specialized expertise within both public and private companies across various verticals.

Real Relationships

We’re real CPAs and accounting professionals, all based in the United States, who believe in a concierge approach that values human connection and long-term relationships.

CPA Community

We’re a group of talented, seasoned CPAs and accounting professionals with a unique mix of Big 4, regional, and local firm experience.

Powerful Partners

We’re a seasoned team of Chief Auditors and an exceptional Crew that ensures every assurance engagement or quality management project meets the highest standards.

Exceptional ROI

Cut recruiting costs without sacrificing quality. AuditClub gives you top talent without the time and expense of the hiring process and headhunter fees.


Our Team


Meet Connor Murdock, Our Newest Senior Crew

Connor is a licensed CPA with over 5 years of public accounting experience, performing both external audits and M&A due diligence for Big 4 and regional firms.

Connor has spent much of his time in public accounting in an external auditor role, where he served a variety of industries, with a focus on healthcare providers and not-for-profit entities. During this time, Connor helped drive the efficiency of audit engagements by gaining an understanding of his clients' business processes and engaging in data analytics to assist in the risk assessment and testing processes, which, in turn, saved time and money for the clients he served.

Connor’s role with AuditClub is not only to help fill staffing needs as they arise but also to bring his experience to drive quality improvements to the members he serves.

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Why AuditClub? Because It’s What You Need.

AuditClub provides CPA firms with the fractional flexibility they need to succeed. In today’s challenging talent market, you want to get stuff done so you can focus on the bigger picture, and we’re here to help make it happen by providing you with your very own Audit Service Center.


Debbie McCall

Seiler LLP

The solutions and support provided by AuditClub was reasonable, logical, made sense and was easy to follow….AuditClub is providing us input based on their experience with helping other CPA firms.

Careers at AuditClub

Whether you’re an audit partner who mandatorily retired too young, a former public accountant turned stay-at-home parent seeking real flexibility, or even a current audit manager or senior associate dreaming of your next career move—we’re actively recruiting skilled auditors who love what they do, but just not how they do it.

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Join Us. Together Accounting and Auditing Will Just Be Better.

Become an AuditClub member and get the fractional solutions you need to grow your CPA firm or company. The transformative change you want starts right here.

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